The World of Cryptocurrency

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing | taught by Katherine Baines
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Katherine Baines
Katherine Baines
Accountant & Business Adviser

About the Instructor

My name is Katherine Baines, and I am Chartered Certified Accountant from Malvern.   I set up my first business in 2013 after taking that leap of faith of going it on my own.  That business is Beacon Accountancy & Tax which I still manage on a day to day basis.

I have been in the accountancy profession since 2004, and  in that time have helped over 500+ businesses grow and become more successful through advice and guidance when dealing with their yearend accounts and tax, but I am now on a mission to help and support as many small business owners that I can through The Business Pod.

Since coming into accountancy after a 10 year career in Retail,  I have become extremely passionate about helping small business owners really achieve their potential, and having now set up my own business I know what is takes to become successful.   Through the Business Pod I aim to impart my knowledge of running a small business to save you time and ultimately help you become more successful.

To find out more about me please go to or find me on Linked In

Course Contents

12 Videos
1 Survey
4 Texts
2 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the The World of Cryptocurrency!
Section 1 - Let's get started
Section 3 - The Technology behind Cryptos
Section 4 - Cryptocurrency Examples
Section 5 - Why Now?
Section 7 - Strategy
Section 9 - Managing your portfolio
Section 10 - Interesting facts & resources